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Local Planning Applications

Current applications

Shrewsbury North West Relief Road - BPC objects, SC pending

Land adjacent to Churncote Island - Roadside Services Development - BPC strongly objects, SC

Four Crosses Inn - Change of Use from Public House to Children's Nursery - BPS supports, SC granted

Rossendale, Shepherd's Lane - Erection of 1st Floor Balcony - BPC no objection, SC refused

Development Land off Welshpool Rd, Bicton Heath - 2 Sales Offices - BPC no objection, SC - pending

The Hollies, Villa Lane - Erection of Living Unit - BPC fully supports, SC - pending

Villa Farm Barn, Villa Lane - Erection of One and a Half Storey side extension - BPC no objection, SC - pending

West of East Grove Farm - Proposed Barn Conversion - BPC objects, SC

Severn Hospice - Extension to Perry Ward - BPC supports, SC pending

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